East Bay Paratransit’s Rider Advisory Committee, the SRAC (Service Review Advisory Committee)

East Bay Paratransit established a rider advisory committee to work with management staff even before service began. This committee, known as the SRAC, has been a part of the ADA paratransit program since 1995.

The 16 member committee consists of twelve East Bay Paratransit users from all parts of the service area, and four other members and individuals from city programs or social service agencies that have ADA riders as clients.

Meeting months typically are: February, April, June, August, October, and December. Travel to and from the meetings is free for members.

SRAC members work with management staff on issues such as:

  • Developing changes to procedures or policies
  • Reviewing budgets and funding claims
  • Providing input on updates to East Bay Paratransit documents and correspondence
  • Observing driver training
  • Outreach to people with disabilities who need to know about paratransit

In addition, the SRAC offers a public forum for the community to bring their comments or concerns about paratransit service issues.

Members have two-year terms and must go through an application process which includes an interview. New member appointments are generally made in the late spring.

SRAC info and agenda for June 1, 2021

Below is a copy of the SRAC Newsletter. Please click the link below to view or download the SRAC Newsletter for your viewing pleasure.

SRAC Newsletter for April 14th, 2020  

For an application to apply for membership on the on the Rider Advisory Committee or to request meeting packages be mailed to you, call . 510-902-5999 or email reneem@paratransit.org. Please note, you may also obtain a SRAC membership application here.

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